Turkish & Ottoman Market Pocket Watch Collection


27th January 2021

Included in the Live Online Watch Auction on Wednesday 24th February 2021 is a private collection of eleven fine quality and decorative pocket watches made for the Turkish & Ottoman Market

Dating mostly from the early 19th century these fine examples include renowned watchmakers George and Edward Prior; Markwick Markham and Daniel De St Leu 

The Ottoman Market was such an important market for watchmaking, with many watchmakers and craftsman living in Constantinople (Istanbul) until the 2nd half of the 18th century when makers chose to relocate in Europe where they could direct export to the Ottoman Empire       

Turkish numerals are always featured on the dials of these watches and whilst initially oval in the 17th century, most of the 19th century examples became round and are often seen with decorative triple and quadruple outer (pair) cases, as shown on the examples below included in the sale

The Sale can be viewed HERE

For further information of the collection please contact David Hare 


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