Important lute by the famous German Luthier Mangnus Hellmer


20th February 2024

Gardiner Houlgate are delighted to announce that they have been instructed to offer for sale an historically important lute by the famous German Luthier Mangnus Hellmer which is labelled and dated Fussen 1601. The sale will be held on the 14th June 2024 - see details HERE






This lute is in a remarkable state of preservation and Gardiner Houlgate have commissioned a comprehensive report on the instrument from the highly regarded expert and Luthier David Van Edwards, President of The Lute Society. 


This report detailing the historical importance, condition and measurements of the lute





This lute was formerly the property of Sebastian Isepp (1884-1954), renowned picture conservator and chief restorer at the Kunsthistorischesmuseum, Vienna. Today as a painter he is credited as a leader of the Nötscher Kreises School of Austrian Painting. He came to Britain with his wife who was of Jewish descent in 1938 at the instigation of Sir Kenneth Clark. He had formed a collection of some thirty-seven stringed instruments most of which were later dispersed, some passing into the Collection of the musicologist and early stringed instrument player, Robert Spencer. A guitar by Sellas from the Isepp Collection was sold in these Rooms on 20th September 2013. The remaining instruments passed to his son, the renowned piano accompanist Martin Isepp (1930-2011) and thus by inheritance to the present owner. 


Please address all enquiries to Jamie South - Director and Head of Musical Instruments at Gardiner Houlgate

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