Glossary of Painting Terms

The full name of the artist In our opinion a work by the artist Initials plus * and surname of the artists (or initials and *) preceded by “By”

In our opinion a work by the artists where the full names of the artist are not known

The name of the artist together with “possibly by”

In our opinion a work in the style of the artist which could possibly be by that artist

… School

In our opinion a work from the named period or style but painted by an unknown artist

attributed to …

In our opinion a work which, although unsigned, may be by the named artist

After …

In our opinion a copy of the work of the artist or a print of an original work


A statement of information attached to the work.  The presence of label or inscription does not imply that the work is original or by that artist.

Artist Resale Rights (or Droit de Suite)

On certain lots marked in the catalogue which are sold for a hammer price of 1000 euros or greater (converted into currency of the sale using the European Central Bank Reference rate prevailing on the date of sale) the additional Premium will be the percentage of the amount of the Hammer Price calculated as follows.

0-50,000 euros  4%;  50,000.01 to 200,000 euros 3%;  200,000.01 to 350,000 euros 1%;  350,000.01 to 500,000 euros 0.5%;  Exceeding 500,000 euros 0.25%